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Winner of the Worlddidac Award 2016 and the Swisscom ICT Innovation Award

At the award ceremony of the Worlddidac in Berne, a special Swisscom ICT Innovation Award was also awarded to the most innovative product of the winners: the educational App, “My Bourbaki Panorama”.

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Experience History interactively

The educational App “My Bourbaki Panorama” brings historical events directly into the virtual age and onto the tablet

“My Bourbaki Panorama” is a pioneering project in conveying history and is unique in the German-speaking countries. The App was developed in collaboration with the Center for History Education and Memory Cultures of the Lucerne College of Education (PH Lucerne). In particular, it aims to inspire young people to deal with history and motivate them to concern themselves with humanity, tolerance and human rights. The Tablets needed for using the App will be provided by the Bourbaki Panorama. The educational App “My Bourbaki Panorama brings historical events directly into the virtual age and onto the tablet.
“My Bourbaki Panorama” combines knowledge with entertainment. On the tour, the visitors concern themselves with the people in the painting, dive into an interactive history of the 19th century, take photos and answer quiz-questions. From this they form their individual «Bourbaki story», an illustrated document, which can be sent to oneself by e-mail. Thus, history is experienced and sustained.

Exclusively for Teachers

It is an essential part of the concept, that the Tablet-App is bound exclusively to a museum visit. The App is therfore not available through the public distribution channel of the App Store. However, to give teachers an insight into the App in advance, we provide a video demonstration of the App in real time. The link is password protected and can be requested from us

Bourbaki App

A progressive project for youths

In autumn 2015 the Bourbaki Panorama Lucerne launches a progressive project regarding the knowledge transfer in the world of museums: „My Bourbaki Panorama“ is an app for tablets (e.g. iPads) that provides an interactive program in which the visitors have the possibility to get to know the figures and personalities shown in the painting. Through the app the history behind the painting can be experienced individually.
The app is made particulary for Schools and youths and should motivate them to learn more about values such as humanity, tolerance and the meaning of human rights.

„My Bourbaki Panorama“ is a new way of knowledge transfer in the world of museums and is unique in its form in the German-speaking world.

The app is being developed by the Lucerne College of Education (PH Lucerne) in collaboration with the Production Company Docmine Zurich.

The app will also be available in English.