Guided tours

Various thematic guided tours in front of and behind the scenes provide visitors with exciting details about the history of the Bourbaki Panorama and of the values it represents in Swiss society. All guided tours are offered in English, German, French, Italian and in other languages on request. As in a hidden-object picture (Wimmelbild), numerous individual fates are depicted in the enormous painting. 

You have the possibility to organize afternoon tea or coffee, an aperitif, a welcome drink or an absinth degustation before or after a guided tour. Don’t hesitate to contact our event team for suggestions and recommendations. 


Bourbaki Panorama
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Public guided tours

Next public guided tour 


15.00-15.45 am
In German. 

Discover with us the «box of tricks» that the panorama represents and immerse into the fascinating world of optical illusions. 

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We regularly offer public guided tours in German focussing on different topics relating to the Bourbaki Panorama.

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Next guided tour for children 


13.30-14.30 am
In German.

Imagine it’s winter and freezing cold. All of a sudden thousands of soldiers cross the Swiss boarder. They are hungry, sick, have frozen toes and fingers. They bring sick and emaciated animals with them. Now it’s time for many Swiss to help them in order to provide them with food and a warm place to sleep!

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Private guided tours

We accompany you on an one hour excursion to the Val-de-Travers located in the Swiss part of the Jura mountain range, in the canton of Neuchatel (NE). The visitor is sent back to end of the 19th century, a time when people used to satiate their appetites for visual sensations by visiting panoramas. 
We guide you through the events that took place during the winter of 1871. The Bourbaki Panorama – a European cultural monument – stands for humanity and solidarity. An astonishing story which has marked the Swiss identity until today. 

Content: standard tour about the history and the media panorama
Duration: 60 minutes

The Bourbaki Panorama and the Lion Monument are two monuments of national importance which testify to the self-discovery of the Swiss identity. Separated by just 60 years they reveal the nation on its way to becoming a humanitarian state. 

Content: Bourbaki Panorama and Lion Monument
Duration: 75 minutes

We would be pleased to accompany you and your school class on a trip to the Val de Travers in the Jura. We narrate what happened in the winter of 1871. The painting in the Bourbaki Panorama – a European cultural monument – stands as a symbol of humanity and solidarity. A gripping story that still influences Switzerland and its values.

Content: Bourbaki Panorama adapted for each grade
Duration: 30 minutes

Complement the school tour with the new educational app “My Bourbaki Panorama”, which was created especially for schoolchildren. It is regarded as a pioneering project for the conveying of history and was awarded the Worlddidac Award 2016 and the Swisscom ICT Innovation Award. Further information can be found in the section App.

Prices private guided tours


Around the panorama 150.00
National identities 240.00
School tour  100.00
Absinthe degustation (price per person) 18.00

Around the panorama 200.00
Behind the scenes 230.00

Further guided tours are available outside the opening hours on request.

All prices are listed in Swiss Francs (CHF) and apply for groups up to 25 persons. From 25 persons on we offer tours with two guides.

We are glad to answer any enquiries by email or T +41 41 412 30 30.