The Franco-Prussian War (1870/71) ended in defeat for France. After Napoleon III was taken prisoner in autumn 1870, the French Third Republic was declared, and the German Empire was proclaimed, the French Eastern Army under General Bourbaki put up one last vain struggle in January 1871 before the soldiers found themselves surrounded by German troops in the French Jura. The agreement of February 1 on the internment of Bourbaki's French army set in motion the largest ever intake of refugees into Switzerland. Within three days, about 87,000 soldiers crossed the Swiss border.


19.07.1870 Declaration of war from France against Prussia
10.05.1871 End of War
01.02.1871 Crossing of the Swiss boarder by the Bourbaki Army
87'847 Internment of the French soldiers
284 Cannons and machine guns
1'158 War carriages
64'800 Cold weapons
63'400 Rifles