Sounds of light and stories of sound

Vocal performances with the vocal artist Agnes Hunger. 

The Bourbaki Panorama offers a unique sensorial event during the Lilu Lucerne Light Festival (10.01.–20.01.2019): The vocal artist Agnes Hunger performs sound stories inspired by events depicted on the circular painting.  She will take you an acoustic discovery journey during which a light beam lights up particular scenes of the painting, set into darkness.

Agnes Hunger accompanies you from darkness into light, from a mute painting to a clinging panorama.

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Thursday, 7 and 7:30 pm

Both performances are booked out!

Entrance just before the performance starts. 
Tickets and meeting point at the museum’s reception.

Saturday, 19.01.2019
At 7 and 7:30 pm    

Both shows on Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th of January are booked out!