Temporary exhibition: Miracles, visual craftiness, tricks and illusion

Mankind has always been fascinated by optical illusions. Inventors have developed tricks and devices making the crowds laugh or scream of fright. Inventions such as the image box, the praxinoscope and the flipbook were milestones in the transition from still to moving pictures.

From the 1780 on, panoramas – as the first type of visual mass media at the time – lay the groundwork for the creation of illusory worlds.

This temporary exhibition, which is shown at the Thun Panorama and Lucerne Panorama, is the first cooperation between these institutions. The installations created by the Lucerne Seico Collective and by students of the Lucerne School of Art and Design supplement the exhibition with contemporary pieces playing with visual illusions.

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Vernissage 09.05.2019
Donnerstag 18 Uhr

Everyone is welcome!
The event is held in German.

Exhibition at the Thun Panorama:
May 5th – December 1st 2019


Young visitors are gladly welcome at the temporary exhibition. Children receive a short guide, in which three figures make them discover the exhibition.

We offer special guided tours through the temporary exhibition.

You will find the program of the events held in Lucerne and Thun in German language by clicking here!