Crossing Boundaries. Curiosity, Hope, Courage

When was the last time you crossed a boundary? Do you know your own limits? When have they been crossed? Situations involving boundaries, borders and limits are commonplace. They are ambivalent–both a challenge and an opportunity, both danger and enrichment. Beyond the visual narration of boundary and border crossings, the Bourbaki Panorama is also expanding the boundaries of perception as a medium, creating the optical illusion of a boundless expanse.

To commemorate the crossing of the border by the French Bourbaki Army in the winter of 1871, the Bourbaki Panorama Museum invites you on a voyage of discovery in the world of boundaries, borders and limits: Inspired by the monumental circular painting, the museum offers encounters with and reflections on diverse, contemporary borderlines. Get to know stories about boundaries in the special exhibition, test your own limits and discover your potential for crossing them!

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The special exhibition was launched as part of the commemorative year «Solidarity crosses borders. 150 Years of Bourbakis in Switzerland 1871-2021». The exposition will run until 31 August 2023. It is accompanied by a rich programme of guided tours and events.

The exhibition is also suitable for younger museum visitors. Children can explore various border situations in a picture puzzle. Groups and school classes benefit from special guided tours with references to the special exhibition.

The description can also be found in the flyer.

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