“Liaisons Suisses”

There is no doubt that the history of the Bourbaki Panorama is linked to France. Now, in the special exhibition “Liaisons Suisses” during the Olympic Games in Paris, two objects from the European cultural monument tell the story of Swiss French relations. The exhibition in the park of the Swiss Embassy in Paris is open to the public and includes highlights from the regions of Vaud, Fribourg, Jura, Valais, Ticino, Bern and Lucerne.

Surprising views and perspectives inspire visitors and bring Switzerland, with its unique cultural highlights, outstanding achievements and diverse natural environment, to the fore. Exhibits, pictures and texts as well as moving images invite the visiting people to enjoy a sensory experience - including the exhibition pavilion itself:  Constructed from a USM structure and fitted with a floor made of Vals quartzite, it is a high-quality piece of Swiss design. The pavilion is surrounded by plants and flowers from the seven regions mentioned above, selected by Pro Specie Rara.

From the Bourbaki Panorama, a knapsack from the faux-terrain and a facsimile of an original letter from the young soldier Émile Bellenger, who was interned in Neuchâtel, are among the trouvaille of “Liaisons Suisses”.

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Park of the Swiss Embassy in Paris

Ambassade de Suisse Paris
142 Rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris



Official website of the “Maison Suisse” in Paris