Guided tour for children

In German.
Olivia and Salome will tell you all about their perspective of the story of the Panorama and the Bourbaki soldiers who were interned in Lucerne. Imagine it’s winter and freezing cold. All of a sudden thousands of soldiers cross the Swiss boarder. They are hungry, sick, have frozen toes and fingers. They bring sick and emaciated animals with them. Now it’s time for many Swiss to help them in order to provide them with food and a warm place to sleep!

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Saturday, 10:30–11:30 am

With Olivia and Salome

14.09.2024 / 26.10.2024 / 23.11.2024 / 14.12.2024
Saturday, 10:30-11:30 am

In German.
Meeting point at the museum’s reception.

The guided tour is specially conceptualized for children (from 5 years on). Our teen guides tell stories about the Bourbaki Panorama in a playful and adventurous way. Only children are admitted to the guided tour (no adults).

Special entrance fee for children: CHF 5 / child