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Whoever thought that contemporary music could only be a music of furrowed brows will be positively surprised by the Duo Klexs. Since 2016, Léa Legros-Pontal and Silke Strahl have been performing and connecting audiences with new music using an unbeatable combination of precision and lightheartedness. They are mischievous and inventive. That which sounds, becomes visible. Indeed the combination of instruments is a surprise: viola and saxophone couldn't be more incongruous. Luckily their players possess two very different personalities, which makes this union of opposites most effective.Their artistic work with contemporary and experimental music is witness to their unconventionality, wealth of ideas and sense of humour. Through their peculiarities and meticulousness the musicians have discovered what they want to say. Most importantly they've developed a sense of how they can say it. They challenge expectations, reveal surprising underlying structures and generally have fun. 

In 2019, the duo won the 2nd prize in the prestigious Nicati Competition. In June 2021, after a corona break, the laureates' concerts will finally take place. The musicians have prepared an eclectic programme, reflecting their repertoire, including two creations, one by Emilio Guim and the other by Anda Kryeziu.

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Tuesday, 18.30 Uhr

Léa Legros Pontal – Bratsche, Performance 
Silke Strahl – Saxophon, Performance

Nicati Competition winner's concert
Tape Zen (UA) - Emilio Guim
Retrouvailles - Georges Aperghis
Solang - Urban Mäder
T#2 (UA) - Anda Kryeziu
D’accord(s) - Dieter Ammann/Arr. Victor A. Coltea

Museum admission offered by Museum Bourbaki Panorama. Collection (100 % for the benefit of the performers).

Please register for the concerts by e-mail (kleinekonzerteluzern@gmx.ch ) or by phone (076 373 52 74), stating your name, address and telephone number. Limited number of seats.

A joint event of the Museum Bourbaki Panorama Lucerne and kleine konzerte luzern