Two exponents of contemporary folk music from different generations have found each other here: On the one hand, the multi-instrumentalist Albin Brun, who has won numerous prizes and who has developed his own unmistakable musical signature over many years; on the other hand, the young Kristina Brunner, who amazes with her virtuoso and confident playing on cello and Schwyzerörgeli. 

In the Bourbaki Panorama Museum, the humanitarian "Togetherness" on the monumental circular painting merges with the duo's musical dialogue. In the tension between proximity and distance, the two musicians create an atmospherically dense sound poetry of magical simplicity.


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Sonntag, 17.30 Uhr / 19 Uhr

Albin Brun Schwyzerörgeli, Soprano Saxophone
Kristina Brunner Cello, Schwyzerörgeli

Due to limited seating, two concerts will take place consecutively without an intermission: 
5.30pm-6.30pm and 7pm-8pm.

Adults CHF 25 / students, AHV CHF 20 / children CHF 10 / KulturLegi 50%.

Ticket reservation is only possible on the Sunday Places website. Reservations can only be made at the Museum Bourbaki Panorama on the day of the concert.
Reserved tickets can be paid for and collected at the museum box office on the day of the concert at the latest 20 minutes before the concert begins.

A joint event of the Museum Bourbaki Panorama Lucerne and Sunday Places. 
For more information consult the flyer