Open Museum Day

On the occasion of the Year of remembrance, the museum Bourbaki Panorama invites you to an Open Day and provides a variety of insights into the impressive circular painting and its diverse contents: Listen to the individual (life) stories of the protagonists on the giant canvas, explore the (painting) life on the flipside of the spectacle, learn about conceptual processes of a historical museum in dealing with contemporary issues and explore the freshly opened special exhibition «Crossing boundaries. Curiosity, hope, courage» as it reflects on situations, experiences and crossings of borders and boundaries. 
The «Tag der Denkmalmeile» will take place at the same time: Together with the Bourbaki Panorama, the Lion Monument and the Glacier Garden will also be illuminated, walked on and communicated on Saturday, 14 August 2021. 
Join us on the trail of dinosaurs from the history of the media, roaring lions and fossils from the history of the earth that were once silenced but have now been revived. We look forward to your visit! 

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Saturday, 9 to 18 hours

The guided tours take place in German.

Programme «Tag der offenen Museumstüre» und «Tag der Denkmalmeile» with descriptions of the guided tours.

Meeting point for guided tours in the Bourbaki Panorama at the museum reception. 

Registration for guided tours of the Bourbaki Panorama recommended at or 041 412 30 30.

As part of the year of remembrance «Solidarity crosses borders. 150 years of the Bourbakis in Switzerland 1871-2021», the museum invites all visitors to visit the museum free of charge on this day.