Stories of internment, flight and open arms

Special guided tour of the Bourbaki Panorama held in German and with a person who personally had to seek for asylum.

The gigantic circular picture (10 x 112 m) is a reminder of the largest humanitarian action Switzerland has ever carried out. How come that in the winter of 1871, 87,000 French soldiers crossed the Swiss boarder within 3 days? How did the Swiss population react? What were their fears and hopes? A gripping and defining story for Switzerland and its humanitarian values lasting up until today.

Nadja Buser and Kairat Birimkulov have a discussion in German in front of the panorama about stories from past times, today's experiences and illusions about a new home country.
You will discover what it means to seek for asylum nowadays by analyzing different scenes depicted in the panorama.

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Sunday, 11 to 12 pm

Meeting point at the Bourbaki Panorama museum’s reception.

The guided tour is an event organized during the Asylum Action Week Aktionswoche Asyl (15.-23.06.2019).

The guided tour is free of charge. Participants only pay the museum's entrance fee.