Solidarity crosses borders

«The people of the villages of Val-de-Travers perform miracles of devotion and strip themselves of everything to relieve this excess of misery. But their devotion finds its limit in the available means, and this limit has been reached. In more than one village, 10 and 20 francs would not be enough to buy a piece of bread. Fortunately, food has been announced [...].» 
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 7. Februar 1871

«If it should be possible to receive the first French army in the desolate condition in which man and horse found themselves and to bring them away without disturbance into the interior of Switzerland, the main credit is due solely to the charity, the willingness to make sacrifices [...] of the population of these cantons, who in a truly touching manner brought about almost impossible achievements.»
From the final report of the Swiss General Hans Herzog on the internment in 1871

«[...] How happy I was, my dear, to enter Switzerland. It is truly the paradise of the sick; what a welcome, what care we received. I shall be able to forget my misery, but never would I know how to forget the gratitude I owe the Swiss. [...] »
Émile Bellenger, an interned French soldier, in a letter to his sister, 2.3.1871


150 years of the Bourbakis in Switzerland 1871-2021

In the winter of 1871, Switzerland coped with the largest humanitarian challenge in its history. The Bourbaki Panorama circular painting tells the story in an impressive way. Its message still poses important questions about human coexistence today - about solidarity, hospitality and crossing borders. In the Year of Remembrance, the Bourbaki Panorama not only looks back. It also encourages us to reflect on the present. 

Activities of remembrance

As part of the year of remembrance «Solidarity crosses borders. 150 Years of Bourbakis in Switzerland 1871-2021» the new special exhibition «Crossig bourdaries. Curiosity, Hope, Courage» is launched – a voyage of discovery on the terrain of borders and boundaries in current contexts. The exposition will run until the end of 2022. It was accompanied by a rich programme of guided tours and events in the year of commemoration and offers a varied supporting programme (in German) also in the current year.